Dog Training Behavior - How to Deal With Territorial Dominance Marking in Your Dog

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Dogs are territorial oriented animals to a particular area or space to other people and animals by marking it with various methods. A good example is if your dog barks, it may be to drive away what he perceives as uninvited visitor to his territory. Some dogs may even go to the extreme of urinating to mark a particular location as their own. But you have to take note that such attitude should never be mistaken as house soiling but territorial dominance behavior. Therefore, the need to solve this problem will be an important thing to look into because we have to address the main reason why your dog needs to mark his territory in this way.

Let's look into the main difference between urine-marking and house soiling. It is possible that your dog is urine-marking his territory most likely if his main problem is urination because dogs rarely mark with faeces. He may also urine-mark if the amount of urine is small and found mainly on vertical surfaces. He may also urine-mark is territory if he is conflicting with other animals in your home and so on.

Things you need to do to make adjustment. You can neuter your dog as soon as possible in order to stop urine-marking dominance. Mind you, if he has been doing urine-marking dominance for long, this may seems a little bit difficult. Resolving conflicts between animals in your home can also be a good way to deal with territorial dominance in your dog. You can also restrict his access to doors and windows. Also, make previously soiled areas unattractive. Then try as much as you can to keep object that can cause marking out of reach.
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Things you should avoid doing. Do not punish your dog after he has urine-mark dominantly. If you do so, he won't know the reason for your action and this will result into repeating the same act. Another clear example is when your dog urinate on your baby's diaper bag, it is not because he dislike your baby but because the scents seems unfamiliar and the sound of the new baby cause him to reaffirm his claim on his territory.

Moreover, your dog usual urine-marking is associated to dog dominance behavior and in most cases dogs may urine-mark by dominating when they feel upset because of low attention you give to them. Therefore, the need for your attention is important.

Now, if your dog is feeling anxious or upset, you may want to check on your veterinarian for medications to reduce his anxiety or you visit a dog training professional to seek helpful dog training tips while you personally work on modifying his dominance behavior during home training sessions.

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